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The Golden State Warriors are an American professional basketball team based in San Francisco. The Warriors compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA), as a member of the league's Western Conference Pacific Division. Founded in 1946 in Philadelphia, the Warriors moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1962 and took the city's name, before changing its geographic moniker to Golden State in 1971. They play their home games at the Chase Center.

7 reasons why the Golden State Warriors Sucks according to a former guest experience rep:

1. No Parking 2. No Food During Events 3. No Merchandise Discount 4. No Employee Discounts 5. No Items given to Part-Time Staff 6. Part-time not part of Full-Time staff essentially have no connection whatsoever. 7. Worked over 300 hours yet still at the bottom of the totem pool and have a degree in sport management.


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Drew Koenig says

"not really having a good start with this company I get COVID and times are tough and you try to do so much to support the disabled by giving them a job and supporting the veterans two main reasons I thought id give you a try and I get its various lures and you don't just do one species also seen where you said you would try to offer trout on the some reviews but the fact is after spending the most expensive box all I got was bass, not even a single item I could think to use for trout i also see that to make my box the 70+ value I had to pay for the facemask and sticker that was supposed to be free using the discount code just not seeing why not just say you do bass? make it easier because reading through the reviews i see im not the only one with these issues about trout alone im not tryinf to start hate dont get me wrong like i said you are doing amazing things just not seeing why you have trout and other species to fish towards when you will end up with just bass and pay the premium cost that doesnt even add up on your site"

Deanna Whalen says

"I can only give 1 star right now because this the first order I have placed and I'm having problems from the start. Before I start to explain, I sent a message to the company on their website and to date, haven't received a response. Bottom line is I place 1 order and have had 2 payments taken out of my account. There was $34.00 taken out of my chequing account on Sept. 8/20. Then on Sept. 10/20 a payment in the amt of $34.30. Then to add salt to the wound two (2) additional payments in the amount of $8.20 has been taken out. Also the face mask and sticker were suppose to be free and I got charged for each of them. I signed up for a monthly subscription, but will be cancelling. Please rectify this situation at your earliest conscience."

Nick says

"Was not happy with the supplies. Definately not worth the money. Will never order again. They say they have tried to attempt to communicate bit they sent an email only willing to refund 5 out of the 26 bucks spent, to have me change my comment to a positive one. I have all emails saved."

Paul Morgan says

"Delivery is to slow.....it took 15 days for my box to come and was disappointed with what I receive in the box"

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